PT. Gizitatapangan Sejahtera (Gizitas) is a confectionary manufacturer established in Bandung City, Indonesia on 1991. With specialization on chocolate and wafercone, Gizitas has featured product of umbrella chocolate branded “Gizo” and “Sogi” which has been distributed both in domestic and international market.

As our business philosophy, we are commited to produce international standard products. Our products are manufactured in a clean environment using modern machines with strict quality control process to ensure our custumers satisfaction. Thus, Gizitas has always been trusted for over 29 years by Indonesians people & the world.

Established - focus on export market

Export to UEA, Korea, Kuwait, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Bangladesh, Philipine, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia

Entering Local Market

With brands : Chocosnack, Chokoku, Ore-Ore, and Cocone

Build Mother Brand : Gizo

For modern trade market

Expanding distribution throughout Indonesia listing on Alfamart & Indomaret

Adding new product variations

mini cone snack Gizo Wow, for modern trade market

Using Doraemon License for Gizo products

Delisting from Alfamart & Indomaret focusing on local chain supermarket

Opening new market for General Trade

Launch new product of umbrella snack - Sogi

Opening new market for Food Service

Launch new product of compound chocolate coin - Cocoin

Adding new product variations

Feelnice Cereal Bar for General Trade market